Plant-e is a young Dutch company that is focussed on developing products in which electricity is generated with bacteria and living plants. Plant-e’s work balances between the development of market-ready products and research to further understand the (often complex) mechanisms that power our systems. Plant-e is involved in WaterNexus as a technology provider, seeking for interesting opportunities and collaborations to perform relevant research and test our system in new situations. For Plant-e especially the commitment of a broadly set-up consortium is interesting. In this way, large research institutes and company’s come together, forming exactly the partnership that Plant-e needs to progress. In return, Plant-e offers their expertise in setting up (large) pilots and their broad knowledge on Plant-MFC’s in general, especially on the practical and feasibility aspects of these. For Plant-e, WaterNexus is a success if we have found a (for us) new (nice) market in which we can apply our ideas and made the first (or more?) steps in validating these concepts in a practical situation.